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If you think Latent Path could support your apprenticeship delivery, please do get in touch so we can discuss your needs and show you around our tool. Call us on (01227) 656 778 or email us at team@latentpath.com.


We have a flexible pricing model depending on your needs. We can either give you a “per apprenticeship” cost which makes it easier to work into costings for your training delivery, or a fixed license cost based around number of learners in the tool. There will be a one-off set up fee which enables us to create an instance of the tool for you, apply your branding and help you get your qualifications into the system. We’ll also undertake training to ensure your team are happy using the tool.


Below are some common question we are asked, if your questions is not answered below, please do get in touch though.

Will my data be held securely?
We create an instance of the tool for your organisation. Your data is held in its own secure area and backed up regularly. We partner with industry leading hosts to deliver maximum uptime, security and robustness.

We currently manage delivery and programme management via spreadsheets and similar, how hard would a move to Latent Path be?
We’ll spend a little time with you early on to understand how you currently manage your apprenticeship training delivery and work with you to set up Latent Path to automate key workflows and save you time going forward. We promise you’ll  never look back!

There are features we need that do not exist in Latent Path?
Let’s have a chat about what you need, we are a user-led development company and love to evolve tools around those user needs. It’s most likely your requirements would be beneficial to other training providers so we can look at building the features you need to make Latent Path work for you.

I’ve never heard of Latent Path, how do I know you’ll be around for the long term?
The tool we’ve built is the brainchild of the team at Red Bullet, an agency who have been operating since 2006. Over that time we’ve built applications for a wealth of clients in the learning sector. You can read more about our story here. In short we are not going anywhere 🙂

It’s a Journey – we’ve only just started

Anything online should never be “finished”. Our tool has been built from the ground up and launched in the summer of 2017. With training organisations coming on board, we are taking time to engage with end users and listening to opinion. We want to improve the tool around real feedback. The ESFA is still working out how the new apprenticeship levy provision will be monitored, we are in a position where we can quickly adapt and evolve our tool around that roadmap.

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If you have any questions about Latent Path, either as an existing user or potential user, please do get in touch,
either by email or by phone on (01227) 656 778

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